Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of C2M2A. Other key duties include serving as C2M2A’s primary spokesperson to the Alliance’s constituents, the media and the general public.

Ian M. London, P.Eng, MBA

Over the past dozen years, Ian has been actively engaged in the emerging advanced materials sector. Currently in semi-retirement, he serves as Executive Director of C2M2A, an industry-led multi-stakeholder network that seeks and provides collaborative solutions to advance Canada’s significant potential in the global critical material supply market. He also chairs Canada’s seat on the International Standards Organization’s Rare Earth Technical Committee (ISO/TC298), co-chairs Canada’s Rare Earth R&D Initiative and serves on the Advisory Board of the Global Rare Earth Industry Association. In 2012, Ian launched the now-biennial Critical Material Symposium series under the aegis of the Metallurgical Society of Canada, served on two NATO Applied Vehicle Technology related to critical materials panels (2014-2019), appeared before Canada’s Natural Resource and Finance Parliamentary Committees, and was an active blogger on advanced materials for several years. 

Ian also celebrates life with his wife, their two sons and two grandsons… enjoying travel, the arts, and time with friends and family. 

Board of Directors

Each C2M2A member that is in good standing is offered one seat on the C2M2A Board of Directors. As the number of members grows, it may be necessary to cap the number of Directors, as elected by the full membership.

A strong, knowledgeable Board helps the Alliance gain credibility, provide important access to the community and serve as effective advocates.

Strategic Advisory Board

The C2M2A Advisory Board will be comprised of independent, strategic, high-value leaders from a range of disciplines to help guide and enhance C2M2A efforts. They will provide unbiased insights and ideas; encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas; networking platform for its members; and impose challenges to improve the Alliance’s vision, mission, strategies and plans.

The Advisory Board members are expected to provide non-binding strategic advice to the Alliance, and as such do not have authority to vote on C2M2A matters or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities. It is anticipated that the Advisory Board grow to a maximum of eight thought leaders and experts from the industrial, high-tech, material supply chain and policy spheres.