C2M2A will: 

  • Provide research, information, industry-government advocacy, education, conferences, workshops and articles aimed at building stronger awareness of the importance of critical material supply chains
  • Position imperatives of ‘demand pull’ strategies vs. Canada’s traditional ‘supply push’ approaches
  • Build related strategic national and international alliances and export/import best practices in collaboration with others
  • Help inform and educate ESG and other institutional investors to Canada’s social license advantage and build public trust
  • Reflect the growing yet shifting priorities across a suite of materials and minerals deemed critical by downstream industry and policymakers
  • Build alliances with downstream suppliers, international companies, trade officials and others, contributing as agents of transformative change by providing a collaborative platform to forge strategic partnerships, learn and share ideas
  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship by conceptualizing, designing, prototyping and testing novel solutions to complex problems, with an eye on productive ways to champion people, processes, regulatory instruments and technology to improve Canada’s opportunities to secure significant value
  • Closely align efforts in support of e-mobility, energy storage and clean technologies sectors
  • Continue engagement in current and successor initiatives: ISO standards development, REIA, Critical Material Symposia, etc.