Key Principles PrinciplesPrinciples

The Canadian Critical Minerals and Materials Alliance (C2M2A) pan-Canadian framework reaffirms key principles, including:

International Competitiveness

The need for fair and flexible approaches to ensure Canada’s international competitiveness in critical material supply chains

Clean Tech Leadership

A business environment that enables Canadian firms to capitalize on opportunities as part of the transition to a low-carbon economy

Integrated Approach

Growing the Canadian economy by building critical material supply chains requires an integrated scientific and innovation-based approach that includes multiple sectors

Government Engagement

Engaging provincial, territorial and federal governments to support industry, reform tax and regulatory frameworks to enable sustainable economic growth and provide certainty for investors

Government Support

Government will see value in collaborating with C2M2A and support its actions, including by promoting innovation and enabling clean growth across all sectors

Cohesive National Strategy

Relevant information and perspectives will be reflected and advanced within a cohesive national critical material supply chain strategy through province and territory policies

C2M2A's membership reflects a broad knowledge across critical material supply chains

Members include current and prospective producers and processors, commercial and national laboratories, academia, innovation hub, and engineering and business experts