“C2M2A’s mission is to foster and enhance Canada’s role as a leader in the production of critical materials manufacturing in support of the global transition to a low-carbon, clean-growth economy. By focusing on rapidly advancing the establishment of economic critical materials production and manufacturing capacity — at commercial scale — Canada will secure and grow its economy, compete globally and protect our environment.”

Ian M. London, Executive Director

The Canadian Critical Minerals and Materials Alliance (C2M2A) is a non-profit, independent organization which endeavors to grow the Canadian economy through critical mineral supply chains. C2M2A’s vision and mission will help Canada diversify its economy, foster job creation and provide an economically-viable and healthy environment for future generations.

C2M2A’s will enable stakeholders around the country to collaborate on shared priorities while respecting each jurisdiction’s needs and abilities – including the need to ensure the continued competitiveness and viability of businesses.

A single voice on issues of strategic national importance championing the broader issues, while allowing market players to advance their individual initiatives, is a powerful model that we can all leverage together. Other nations are doing just this – to their considerable benefit.


C2M2A helps Canada become a global clean technology manufacturing hub supported by the production and processing of intermediate and final products, leveraging its critical minerals wealth and intellectual know-how.


C2M2A develops consensus-based public policy positions and leads national and international advocacy to create a better understanding of the importance of critical mineral and material supply chains to help drive Canada’s economic well-being and prosperity. Additionally, C2M2A will work to enable the development of Canada’s critical materials and manufacturing sector and its upstream critical minerals resource opportunities by immediately focusing on near-term downstream material transformation and commercial processing capacity.

Four Pillars of C2M2A’s Strategy

Public Advocacy

  • Champion a modern Canadian industrial strategy that enables Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector and downstream material transformation
  • Develop consensus-based public policy positions
  • Advise all levels of government, to execute a Canadian critical materials strategy
  • Platform model to help Canada achieve industrial excellence, rather than promoting individual interests

Build & Foster

  • Ally with a range of institutions, associations and major industry players to assert Canadian leadership
  • Form, cultivate and retain strategic partnerships with key sectors (e-mobility, finance, etc.)
  • Learn, share ideas and co-create solutions to drive investment
  • Outreach to donors and clients
  • Increase C2M2A member base to a broader suite of material players and interests


  • Drive Canadian innovation in support of a prosperous clean energy future for Canada
  • Strategically collaborate with leading ESG funds and clean technology hubs
  • Advance supply chain technology innovation
  • Life-cycle assessment
  • Drive operational performance in support of economic growth
  • Monitor and report on global best practices for members


  • Increase knowledge and understanding of critical material supply chains through national and global leadership
  • Lead public awareness initiatives
  • Strategic communications (op-eds, journal publications, white papers, etc.)
  • Collaboration with leading academia, think tanks and global thought leaders
  • Public outreach to raise awareness of demand-pull focus