Becoming Part of the Canadian Critical Minerals & Materials Alliance


  • Full spectrum representation of the critical materials industry, from resources to components, to position Canada for success.  
  • Tiered membership structure promotes inclusivity while driving core functions of key members and industry advocacy.
  • Provide industry and government with actionable direction to build out Canada’s critical materials supply chain to help realize national economic objectives.

Membership Application

Application for membership can be made by completing the application form found here, or below.

Benefits of Membership

C2M2A increases its advocacy presence and works with members representing our industry’s interests to government and other important industry stakeholders. Membership enables companies to:

  • Be a part of a unified voice that promotes a strong and competitive Canadian critical minerals and materials industry.
  • Capitalize on C2M2A credibility with government and industry stakeholders to advance individual and collective interests.
  • Access C2M2A’s government and policy expertise, and large network of experts and partners.
  • Participate in committees and working groups focused on a variety of critical policy priorities, including promotion of academic research funding and investment to promote value chain development and integration.
  • Learn from and collaborate with peers in the industry, import and export knowledge and best practices.
  • Receive timely information on industry issues and C2M2A activities.

C2M2A strives toward the balanced growth of its member base and related critical material value chains, integrating upstream supply through to downstream manufacturing and including materials for electric vehicles, permanent magnets, energy storage, advanced technologies, light-weighting alloys, high strength glass, medical technology and other advanced applications.

Tiered Membership

C2M2A offers three types of corporate membership – Governing Members, Participating Members and Affiliate Members. The three-tiered membership structure encourages early participation and work toward solidifying a critical mass of industrial and other stakeholders needed to further advocacy aims. Please contact Ian London at or 647-242-1872 for more information, including annual membership fee structure.

Governing Member:

Companies, agencies, and bodies who will have the ability to directly participate and influence C2M2A’s strategic direction, priorities, plans and stratagems.

Governing members include companies operating anywhere along the complete critical material supply chains, from upstream resource companies, midstream processing companies and downstream manufacturing & OEMs. Governing members need to be Canadian – defined initially as having commercial operations in Canada. Membership will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Governing Members in good standing are entitled to voting rights and may nominate an officer of the company to sit on the Board of Directors. Any rules going forward for the Board and its Directors will be set by the Governance Committee of the Board. Any changes to this structure would require the approval of all governing members at C2M2A’s Annual General Meeting.

Governing Members joining during C2M2A’s inaugural year (2021 or previous) will also be designated as a C2M2A Founding Member.

Participating Member:

Companies, agencies, bodies, or associations can access the full suite of services offered by C2M2A. The criteria for becoming a Participating Members mirror those outlined for Governing Members.  

Affiliate Members:

Individuals or organizations in academia, non-government organizations or international alliances, who are interested in staying informally connected with C2M2A. They will receive communications on various content publicly shared by C2M2A and can participate in annual conferences. Affiliate membership may also be ideal for other government, academic, research organizations and non-profit organizations that wish to be part of alliance activities and close to industry advocacy.

Tiered Membership Benefits

 Governing MemberParticipating MemberAffiliate Member
Input and Oversight of C2M2A’s Direction
B2B Events and Introductions
General Industry Advocacy
Participation in Government Events and Consultations By Invitation
External Committee Participation   By Invitation
External Speaking OpportunitiesBy Invitation
Discounts to Partner Events ✅By Invitation
Advocacy and Marketing Support Related to Talent Acquisition By Invitation
Regular Curated Communications on Industry Developments, Trends, News, Programs and Events✅ 

*C2M2A will, on an as needed basis and as beneficial to its objectives, establish topic or theme-specific working groups (e.g., automotive critical material assessment). Members are encouraged to propose and participate in Board-endorsed working groups.